"Nurturing Intuition in Children" David Wood interviews Jane

“If you want children to continue dreaming to the moon and beyond, then dream with them, both by sharing your fervent dreams, and by diving heart first into their own.”

~Vince Gowmon

As a child, I conversed with imaginary beings, invented entire worlds for my friends and me to explore, and dreamt up countless stories. I was fortunate to have the loving support of my parents and wonderful teachers who encouraged and enjoyed all that was born from my overflowing imagination.

I remember, however, how quickly things began to change as elementary school came to a close. The focus shifted from creative exploration to preparing for the difficulty of higher grades and the “real life” that followed. Less daydreaming, more standardized testing.

Once I’d found myself on the other side of my education years later, I was drawn very quickly to the world of spirituality, perhaps hoping to recapture that magic and fulfillment I’d known as a child. I find it interesting that so much that fascinates us in the spiritual community -- psychic intuition, angels and guides, past life memories -- are such a natural part of the experience of children!

I’m now the father of a bright, 9-month-old son who has already begun showing signs of intuitive intelligence, and I can’t wait for the day he has the words to tell me all that he knows and all he can see.

With the right tools and support, I wonder if all of us could enter adulthood with our intuitive gifts intact. That’s why I’m so grateful New Renaissance’s beloved intuitive Jane de Forest is offering her new class, Nurturing Intuition: A Workshop for Kids and their Parents this Saturday, October 27th. **Children must be accompanied by parent or guardian, and parents and guardians get to attend free!**

It was a joy to connect with Jane and hear her take on the intuition of children, as well as what she has planned for the workshop and her group reading event, Messages From Beyond, which will next be on Friday, October 26th and Thursday, November 1st.

“Jane, my 9-month-old son seems to watch and smile at things my wife and I cannot see. Do all children naturally have strong intuitive, clairvoyant, or spiritual abilities?”

Children are naturally intuitive and psychic by nature; they arrive on earth with an open channel to the subtle dimensions. This window typically closes around age seven, when the world of magic is left behind for a rational and material one. Although, a new type of children with increased psychic abilities and spiritual knowledge is incarnating now who may keep the window open longer.

Past life experiences are commonly expressed by children when they are just able to talk, often describing who they were when they were “big before”, where they lived and how they died.

Although invisible friends are considered fantasy, from my vantage point, they are ancestors, Spirit Guides and Angels.

What are ways we can encourage children's intuition throughout their process of growing up?”

With a little training, parents can nurture their children’s intuitive ability, enabling deep personal and spiritual confidence. Here are some basics:

1. Show that you (and other adults) accept their unseen world.

2. Read fairy tales. These are important for creating a safe place for magical thinking, flying, Angels and aliens, talking animals and trees, fairies and elves. This strengthens the limbic system, the primary seat of creative thought in the brain.

3. Be in dynamic relationship with Spirit Guides, Angels and nature spirits -- build fairy houses, write letters to elves, ask trees what they are thinking, etc.

“Could you tell us more about your Nurturing Intuition Workshop for Kids and their Parents this Saturday afternoon?”

You will learn techniques to use at home to cultivate a platform for your child to maintain their natural intuition and psychic ability, including: a guided meditation for your child to talk to their Guide and draw them; how to attract and communicate with fairies, gnomes and elves; and how to deal with “Boogie Men” and other undesirables, often found under beds and in closets.

This is so dear to my heart. I have volunteered for ten years in public schools teaching children creative development. I feel it is the solution to a world gone mad; to grow a better world we need to start with the children.

“In your Messages From Beyond events, you demonstrate your extrasensory abilities, including mediumship and automatic drawing, for the group. What can people expect at these gatherings, such as the one happening this Friday evening?”

Messages From Beyond is a monthly event where I communicate with loved ones and animals on the other side of life. I create a “drawbridge” with my automatic drawing technique which allows me to access the subtle realms easily and with great accuracy.

On one occasion, a young daughter who had died in an accident came through from Heaven with specific details that I rendered on my drawing pad. She described the care her family had taken at her funeral and the color of the flowers. They confirmed each detail as the girl communicated clearly, and although the family was suffering from her loss, they were comforted to know that she lived on and that their love would never die.

We have had many dogs and cats as well as a horse showing up from the afterlife to comfort their owners. It is a wonderful experience to feel the love in the room filling the space.

Not a session goes by that is not deeply moving and touching to the many people in the room. I am grateful to create a bridge from this world to Heaven; it is a profound honor.

Please bring your imagination, and join Jane for her wonderful events at New Renaissance.



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