Egyptian Wisdom For Us

My fascination with the ancient world took me to Egypt this spring Equinox where we had private entry to the Great Pyramid after closing. I climbed, hunched over up the steep and narrow stone shaft, to the King's Chamber. This room, which is comprised of one-hundred-and-one blocks, nine beans of rose granite blocks, is unbuildable with today’s technology. In the pink granite box at one end, I could feel the pulse of my body slow and my breath start to rest peacefully. It was then that I had a spontaneous vision in great detail that would change the curse of my life.

Creation – I saw a three- dimensional symbol that contained a thought form, or possibly it was a thought form with a corresponding shape. Anyway a shimmering celadon green egg divided into three-dimensional puzzle pieces appeared in front of me. A voice in my head, or rather information telepathically communicated to my mind, spoke to the core of my being. I then “knew” or was told that the green puzzle egg was the shape of the universe as God had created it. Next the ankh symbol explained itself to me, with the egg at the top birthing a cross of matter. My later research revealed that the “cosmic world egg” is straight from Ancient Egyptian mythology where the first primordial being is hatched from the cosmic universal egg. I saw the people who built the Pyramids, but they were different than us. They were tall, long hair, there is much more to tell … I will be working on more details soon. But here is the wisdom I gleaned ...

No.1 – Unity Conscience.

The ancient Egyptians saw the Universe as one single living-creative-consciousness-wisdom-logos, that pervaded everything and was also everything. The ancients knew this energy as “Thoth”, which they personified as the great Huron-Ibis-Man-God. As an intuitive, this universal knowledge is what I believe I am tapping into when I am able to access information beyond my linear conscious knowledge. The powerful glyph from ancient Egypt that we have named the “flower of Life” is found on several pillars within "the Osirion" at Abydos in Egypt.

No. 2 – Eternal Life.

We don’t die … that's a biggy. The ancient Egyptian understanding of death was extremely sophisticated. They believed that the subtle body had five aspects; the Emotional Body, Spirit Body, Soul-Life-force Body, Mental Body, Personality Body, God-Creator/Creatrix Body. These are energy life-forms which are eternal and can’t be destroyed, and live forever in a variety of forms bey  ond the physical body.

The circle of life regenerates itself and includes birth, death and re-birth. From the daily rhythm of the sun rising each morning giving way to night, to the twenty-eight day phase of the moon’s wax to full and wane to the new moon , and back again -- thirteen times a year.

No. 3 Karma.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that after the end of earthly life, thier hearts were weighted on justice’s scale against the feather of truth or “Maat”. How your hear faired determined the “location” of your soul in the afterlife … heaven or hell? This symbolism is the most ancient form of Karma and It symbolized truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice and kept sacred order preventing the universe from falling into chaos. Like the golden rule, harmony was the goal, and was achieved by people’s ethical and loving behavior.