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Afterlife Symposium & Workshop

  • Love Never Dies & Life is Eternal

    Explore the truth of life after death – how “Life is eternal” and exists through our ancient texts, comparative religion, art, and native traditions.

    Jane de Forest, Petra Nicoll, Georgena Eggleston and Ruth Brennan as they discuss how the connections and bonds shared in earthly relationships are unbroken by death. The symposium and workshop will provide entertaining, first-hand accounts of people reunited with loved ones and animals in the afterlife, as well as interactive experiences to help you learn to communicate with those who have passed


    What to Expect

  • Hear Afterlife experts & authors speak, teach & share
  • Learn about ancient techniques for communicating with the Afterlife
  • Learn how our loved ones in the Afterlife are cooperating with us
  • Learn how animals survive death
  • Use art, ritual & ceremony to help work through grief & loss


  • Saturday & Sunday April 14th & 15th at New Renaissance Event Center
  • Saturday, April 14th – Lectures & Presentations (2 pm – 6 pm)
  • Sunday, April 15th – Workshop (2 pm – 5 pm)


  • Saturday, April 14th – $44
  • Sunday, April 15th – $33

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Later Event: April 15
Afterlife Symposium & Workshop