90 Min General Intuitive Session

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angel drawing.jpg

90 Min General Intuitive Session


90 min by phone or video phone

Artist. Intuitive. Author. Animal Communicator. With her intuitive art technique, Jane often draws exact renderings, and translates meaningful messages from people & animals who are in the Afterlife. In her sessions, and “Message From Beyond” gallery readings, Jane accesses factual information about people & places at distant locations (and times), called “remote viewing”.

Jane has done intuitive sessions with personal, animal and business clients for 20 years. As a professional artist, Jane has painted murals and personal canvases and her artwork is in collections all over the world, including in hose of Martin Sheen & Jane Goodall. 

As an author, Jane’s richly illustrated book (co-illustrator Tara de Forest): Love Never Dies-A Psychic Artist Illustrates True Stories Of The Afterlife, has been well received and recognized with three awards.

Jane studied at Rhode Island School of Design and with Lakota Shaman, with Buddhist teachers, master psychic Louise Hauck and has journeyed to sacred sites in Peru, Bali, and Egypt. 

Her current Workshops include: “I Knew You Were Going To Say That-The Science Of Practical Intuition,” “Nurturing Intuition-A Workshop For Kids & Their Grown-Ups,” “Message From Beyond-Afterlife Communication” and “Introduction To Animal Communication-Breaking The Inter-Species Code.”

Jane’s pro bono & community volunteer work includes; facilitating communication for children with special needs, her “save the bees” project in Equator and locally, translating for big cats (tiger, leopard, cougar & lion) at a local sanctuary and Director of Portland, IANDS (International Assoc. Near-Death Studies) Jane has donated time teaching her children’s art, mindfulness and creativity curriculum art in schools for 10 years. 

Jane a devoted mother, wife, daughter, gardener, and beekeeper who loves hiking, music and living in the Pacific Northwest.

“Jane deForest’s work is absolutely lovely. Artists have so much to contribute to our effort of making this a better world, for art speaks to the inner self”

Jane Goodall, Ph.D. 

Author of In the Shadow of Man and founder of the Jane Goodall Institute

“Jane deForest is a true visionary. Her art is a gift of spirit that connects the viewer to the heart of the Sacred. Jane’s images are powerful transmissions that can change consciousness and help bring clarity, kindness and compassion into the world”. 

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.       Author of A Woman’s Journey to God

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