"Messages From Beyond" Connecting With Loved Ones & Animals on the Other-Side

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"Messages From Beyond" Connecting With Loved Ones & Animals on the Other-Side


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Losing someone dear to us can be one the most painful experiences that we encounter on this planet. It is comforting to contemplate the idea that “we don’t die,” and from many years of work in this field, I have come to understand that it’s true—we really don’t die, we simply change form. It is easy to see why the butterfly, found in the literature and art of many cultures, is a universal symbol of death & rebirth. 

The earthbound caterpillar prepares for “death” by creating a chrysalis, in which all vestiges of the caterpillar eventually dissolve into liquid. Mother Nature then instructs the cells to rearrange themselves into a butterfly. We are like a caterpillar, in this dimension—when our body dies and returns to the Earth, nevertheless our essential self lives on. When we emerge in a spirit form after death and cross over to the Afterlife, it is like the butterfly emerging from it’s chrysalis.

Ancestors reaching back to dusty prehistory, Indigenous people and modern-day Asian cultures honor those departed as still living, reachable and an integral part of daily life. Having a regular interaction with your loved-ones helps them immeasurably in their Life-after-Death—at least that is what most of the spirits of people tell me.

They also tell me that the business of “unfinished business” is of paramount importance. It seams that those in the Afterlife can’t “move on” until things are “made right.” Our lack of forgiveness, like holding on to old resentments from past injustices, have a deleterious effect on them—and on us.

Everyone has access to communicate wi

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Because the spirits’ subtle vibration or resonance is finer and higher than here on the Earth plane, it is more effective to meet your “people in spirit” half way on the bridge to Heaven. Connecting with the subtle realms is done through the heart, with reverence and earnest intention. Here are a few suggestions for communicating:

      • Create an alter or central focus place.  This could include an image of them, a candle, objects that were important to them and their ashes if you have them. 

      • Make a gesture or offering daily. It is customary to leave flowers, fruit, water and incense like frankincense. This creates a portal or doorway.

      • Intention & invitation. “I intend to communicate with my father, Dad please visit me.” We have free will and there is something energetic that lines up when we make a declaration of intention & earnest invitation. 

      • There is no way to connect from your logical mind, so a loving state of consciousness is a primary step. Imagining that person or animal with unconditional love, will create an elevated state of consciousness.

      • Communication assignment. For 30-days dialogue with your loved one. Write to them on the right side of an unlined journal with your right hand and draw their response on the left side with your left hand.