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The Science of Practical Intuition

Intuition is the natural state of all living beings; it is an instinct we all share. 

How do you receive intuitive information? This workshop explores the uniquely individual process that we all go through in determining our own intuitive code—the organized way in which Spirit communicates with us and guides us. This awareness as an integral part of life that can be tapped as an important resource, Participants will leave with a practical guide to cultivating their natural intuitive ability.

Jane will teach techniques, exercises, and insights for living an intuitive, creative & healthy life.

  • Discover the foundations of your intuitive skill

  • Learn to work with (instead of against) your natural intuitive feedback

  • Develop an intuitive rapport with your life

  • Work with imagery, and symbols—the language of the psyche 

No prior experience is necessary


The Art of Creativity

Journey to your inner core to find your authentic direction and ignite your passionate creativity. Is creativity constructed in the brain, or are we like an antenna accessing wisdom from a creative matrix that we are an integral part of? We are all creative beings, whether we express ourselves through art, music, movement, writing, cooking, gardening, raising children, or any other pursuit. Join Jane for this creative workshop using guided meditation and art. 

Part 1: Get out of your own way

  • Awaken within the creative matrix – connect to the field of unlimited possibilities
  • Identify and release any blocks to living a passionate and creative life

Part 2: Ignite your passion & creativity

  • Connect with your muse—your creative passion Uncover your life’s unique purpose and meaning 

Part 3: Intend | Strategize | Transform

  • Focus on a specific project - Grow an idea Anchor success in the future & tether it to NOW
  • Use the art of creative transformation to intend a more positive future 

No prior experience is necessary


Beginner Classes

Mindfulness for Kids

During this one-hour class, Miss Jane will lead a guided meditation incorporating relaxation and creativity, after which the children will express their feelings and experience by drawing about it.

Designed for ages 8-13ish, this very fun class will help kids and parents learn the following:

  • Basics of meditation

  • How to calm yourself when you’re not centered

  • How to create a safe space inside of yourself that you can visit anytime

  • How to improve concentration

  • Visualization skills to train your natural creativity 

No prior experience is necessary

Appropriate for all levels.