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Please note I am on sacred journey and will be retuning for readings/intuitive sessions July 22.

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Receive a $50 referral discount on your next reading for referring a friend ($25 each)

--my work is entirely word-of-mouth.

Jane talks with Tra'Renee on KATU's Afternoon Live TV Show about the Sixth Sense that everyone has, and how to begin to develop and trust it. You'll love the segment.

2018 National Indie Excellence Awards:
WINNER best DEATH & DYING category


2018 Illuminating Digital Publishing Excellence Awards:

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Love Never Dies

Psychic artist and medium Jane de Forest draws on the invisible world behind our five senses in this entertaining first-hand account of people reunited with loved ones and animals in the afterlife. She investigates how the connections and bonds shared in earthly relationships are unbroken by death in this richly illustrated book filled with beautiful art and gentle insights. Based on true stories, Love Never Dies is a humbling and magical journey through the struggles, mishaps and heartfelt rewards of translating messages between different realities. From ancient mysticism to modern New Age philosophy, this book is an excellent read for those interested in parapsychology and prophecy, reincarnation and spiritual healing, as well as a lovely gift for those grieving loss.

A Note from Jane...

Welcome! I am so glad you’ve found your way here. You’ve been guided by listening to your intuition or someone has referred you … I never advertise ;-)

I created my website because I want to add my voice and efforts to help those who are awakening to a new and wonderful journey. This is an auspicious time in history to be alive and many of us will witness incredible changes in the world. That's not to say it will be easy, there are lessons for each of us to learn. If you are anything like me, you could use a little inspiration along the way. That's where I'd love to help.

I consider myself a bridge. I help executives and housewives breathe, find center and get into the zone. My creativity and intuition training is a way I help people find their authentic selves and work/live from a more prosperous and fulfilling place.

Intuitive consultations are the main benefit I bring to my clients. They may be in person or over the phone. Distance is not a factor. Most often there is a specific reason someone desires a reading. Personal. Business. Deep loss. Love. Illness or life change. It gives me deep satisfaction to bring clarity, insight and even peace around your questions.

Blessings to you as you read through these pages. They are infused with wishes for your well being and highest good. If I can be of service to you in any way, please let me know.—Jane

“Jane is a deep soul, and her intuitive consultations are helpful and deeply intimate. I feel safe with her, and confident in her ability to connect with those ‘other’ energies that have so much good guidance to offer those of us still here learning on Mother Earth. ”

— Best Selling Author, Susan Chernak McElroy “Animals as Teachers and Healers”

Receive a $50 referral discount on your next reading ($25 each) for referring a friend--my work is entirely word-of-mouth.

I use an automatic drawing technique in each reading.

Here are several examples …

Houston radio station KTBT "The Buzz" interview with Karah:

"Psychic Intuitive Jane de Forest Nails My Dog’s Health Problem" 

During my interview with psychic medium/intuitive Jane de Forest, she randomly mentioned what sounded like a hypothetical situation... my small pet with the liver problem. Except, it wasn't hypothetical. I have a 14-year-old Pomeranian with a bad liver! That was enough to make me perk up and really take to heart the things Jane was telling me about talking to my dead relatives and how to be more intuitive. (I'm hopelessly dense when it comes to other people. Or maybe not so hopeless?) 

whats new … we will be opening our online shop “Hive Mind” … coming soon!

Rose Quartz pyramids … heart chakra

Rose Quartz pyramids … heart chakra