Mindfulness. Intuition. Creativity.

I never meant to be an intuitive ...

My life has been one of always trying to get comfortable with my gifts. Even now, I marvel at some of the experiences and relationships I find myself a part of, it is truly magnificent. Through it all, I've come to understand that in one sense, I'm no different than anyone else. We all have gifts that we have been given to use or not use on our journey.

It's time for me to use mine.

To help. To heal. To inspire.

To give what I can to those on my path. 


—Jane de Forest


“what would you do if you knew you would succeed”


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Available late Summer 2017



For many of my readers the opportunity to experience an intuitive consultation is a new experience. I understand that sometimes the thought can be a little outside their comfort zone. But the fact that visitors find my site tells me that they are looking for something. I'd like to help them find it. Please take a moment to read through this section. I've included several quotes from new and returning clients, as well as descriptions of what's involved in a typical session and links to helpful articles from respected journals.

Workshops and Classes


Stay up-to-date on local events and workshops to hone in on your natural intuition, establishing mindfulness practice, gain tools for your own healing journey and living your heart's desire.

As an artist and intuitive, I love to share my experience and equip you for your life of growth and abundance.


My fascination with the ancient world took me to Egypt this spring Equinox where we had private entry to the Great Pyramid after closing. I climbed up the steep and narrow stone shaft to the King's Chamber. This room, comprised of one-hundred-and-one blocks and nine beans of rose granite, is unbuildable with today’s technology. In the pink granite box at one end, I felt the pulse of my body slow and my breath start to rest peacefully. It was then that I had a spontaneous vision that would change the course of my life....

A Note from Jane...

I created my website because I want to add my voice and efforts to help those who are awakening to a new and wonderful journey in their lives. This is an auspicious time in history to be alive. Many of us will get to witness incredible changes in the world in our lifetime. That's not to say it will be easy. There are lessons left to learn for each of us. And if you are anything like me, you could use a little inspiration along the way. That's where I'd love to help.

I consider myself a bridge. After practicing mindfulness and different forms of meditation, I have distilled it into a simple form ... so simple I teach it to children. I help executives and housewives breathe, find center and get into the zone. My creativity and intuition training is a way I help people find their authentic selves and work/live from a more prosperous and fulfilling place.

Intuitive consultations are the main benefit I bring to my clients. They may be in person or over the phone. Distance is not a factor. Most often there is a specific reason someone desires a reading. Personal. Business. Deep loss. Love. Illness or life change. It gives me deep satisfaction to bring clarity, insight and even peace around your questions. The best way to begin is with a short phone conversation. You can schedule a time with me using my email and I will get back to you. I'd be happy to share with you a little about the process we will encounter together. If it feels right, you'll know it. 

But that's not all, I've put a lot of other resources for you on the site. Workshops and Classes for you to attend, or in some cases download. Inexpensive Guided Meditations and Inspirational Thoughts in MP3 audio format that you can purchase and download. I've dropped links throughout the site to articles and writings that I have found helpful and interesting regarding mindfulness topics. I've even included a few of the latest chapters from my new book, "Adventures of a Reluctant Intuitive" for you to read. Free. 

Blessings to you as you read through these pages. They are infused with wishes for your well being and highest good. If I can be of service to you in any way, please let me know.—Jane



Featured In

NEW! Watch Jane's recent interview with Tra'Renee on KATU's Afternoon Live TV Show. Jane talks with Tra'Renee about the Sixth Sense that everyone has, and how to begin to develop and trust it. You'll love the segment.

Bee Communication 

Bees are truly magical creatures, in this video you will see the ancient technique of communication with a beehive with sound, enjoy. Jane

“Jane is a deep soul, and her intuitive consultations are helpful and deeply intimate. I feel safe with her, and confident in her ability to connect with those ‘other’ energies that have so much good guidance to offer those of us still here learning on Mother Earth. ”

— Best Selling Author, Susan Chernak McElroy “Animals as Teachers and Healers”