Interview with Jane de Forest by Shelly Ellison


Transcript of interview with Jane de Forest - posted with permission from Shelly Ellison ;-)

Oregon Chapter President, International Association for Near Death Studies and Psychic Artist/Professional Intuitive, Author

 1/27/2019 facilitated by Shelly Ellison

 What happens when we die, based on your knowledge of Near-Death experiences and the information you have gathered as a professional intuitive?


From my experience and from my research, it seems that dying is a natural phase of the continuation of life. Something like the ancient symbol — the ouroboros, which is the symbol of the snake biting its own tail, making a complete circle. Other symbols of ancient and indigenous cultures tell us that death is merely one phase of life, and that life is ongoing. That is what I have found to be true. It also happens to be what people who die and are resuscitated (called Near-Death experiencers) and return to tell the story. As well, people who are under hypnosis report about how they experience life after physical death and their life before they reincarnated into this life on Earth.


In our modern, mechanized culture, we’ve lost the wisdom that we as humans have had for 60,000 or 100,000 years going back to the birth of the shamanic tradition. It’s as if we have amnesia in modern society.


The actual process of leaving the body and dying can happen instantly or over time. For example, an elder coming close to death will leave their body and prepare to make the journey back home. They can leave the body during a coma or Alzheimer’s, or through some kind of dreamy, far away, ‘out of it’ mindset. The elder is naturally practicing the journey home, which is something that cultures like the Tibetan Buddhists and the ancient Egyptians did — they had a road map of the afterlife and ‘practiced’ the journey home.


Some characteristics to look for that the elder or the person is close to death is they are talking about interacting with relatives who have died previously, yet they seem to be having conversations with them in real time. Another indication that death is near is the person may have symbolic dreams, like being at the train station with a waiting train, often with relatives who have died, beckoning them to get on the train to go home. Another iconic image is the ferry dock, with a waiting ferryman ready to take the person’s soul across the river, that divides this world and the afterlife, in ancient Egypt, it was the river Styx. The ferryman is an ancient symbol in many cultures, but sometimes it is angels or relatives that take the spirits of the dead across the river, and back home to Heaven. The ferrymen take the souls across the river, back to heaven. These are characteristics of someone who is at the end of life.


My grandmother, who was a devout atheist, and thought when you died, you died, spoke to her father, the day before her death as he floated at the ceiling in her hospital room. She described him as wearing a long stocking cap and a long white gown, as he would have worn at the turn of the 20th century when he lived. She was completely convinced he was here and she conversed with him, yet only she could see him. She said he was there, and was going to take her home. This is typical. Be aware of that when people are at the end of life — talking to dead relatives or angels, as well as the symbolic language of taking the journey home.


Sometimes I see the soul leaving the body gradually. It goes in and out, and then it’s finally gone. That happens to people who have been in an accident, or sometimes it happens with a heart attack.


What do you think would be most useful for people to know who work in a healthcare setting?


People who are in a coma, have Alzheimer’s or who may otherwise seem completely out of it, can hear everything you’re saying. People who have died temporarily or awakened from a coma, say that they could hear what people were saying and thinking, such as, ‘I heard you say I was going to kick the bucket.’ That kind of thing.


The soul’s journey is symbolized by the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. That symbol is everywhere. It’s ubiquitous globally and throughout time. The underlying message is that the soul is freed from the confines of its Earthly costume. In a sense, it’s the death of the costume, or body only. But the costume does have consciousness; I will say that. I’ve come to respect the body’s consciousness more. Let’s put it this way. There are reasons why hundreds of traditions, all over the world, wait three days before destroying or burning the body. I agree with that. Leave the body for three days. Many cultures leave the body on the sofa or the bed for three days. Maybe people don’t want to do that, but please consider not cremating the body for three days. People get really upset when I say that in my lectures, but that’s what I have learned. There’s still life essence in it. I don’t believe it hurts the soul, but I think there’s some reason it could help to wait three days before burning the body.


Some really simple things that can be incorporated into the time at the end of life: Lilies. I always have lilies if there’s anyone I know who has died. There is something about the scent of lilies that is said to pass through the veil to those who have died. It was no accident that lilies are symbolic of the death and rebirth of Jesus at Easter. The lilies have a powerful fragrance and seem to help the soul during the transition. I’m it is helpful to create an altar or ‘focal point.’ It could be before the person transitions, but also after they die, to help the soul move from this dimension to another. Also I would presume, it would give the person who is transitioning hope that they are going to survive death and possibly give them an outline of a typical journey for people who do die and return to tell the story.


What we don’t teach people is to practice how to get home, to Heaven or the Afterlife. This is what I tell my parents and in my classes all of the time: When you die, you will not feel dead. You will feel quite alive, even to the point where it might annoy you that the people you are speaking to can’t hear you and are ignoring you. You’re still you. That’s how real it might feel. There’s often an angel or a guide or a relative present. If there isn’t one around, feel free to ask for help. There’s something to be said about asking for an angel or asking for help.


Typically, people go through a tunnel, a vortex, or a wormhole. I don’t know what it is, but it’s a thing, and people go through this and meet a light being that feels like a mother or father, spiritually. Or it could be Jesus if you’re a Christian, Buddha if you’re a Buddhist. It could be a Guardian Angel or God. That person (Being of Light) shows you a move of your entire life, which is sometimes called a “life review,” where you experience everything you’ve ever done, said, or thought, and its effect on people, animals, and plants. This realization is a bit of a reality check, and often inspires people to clean up their act.


I’m not sure how this works, but most people attend their own funerals and can hear the thoughts of anyone they want. Remember Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn attending their own funeral?


It seems that when we die, we don’t have the same bodily concerns, such as possessiveness, envy, or hatred. These negative emotions seem to die with the body, but I do see souls who are very remorseful for misdeeds, such as inflicting abuse, suffering and selfishness — that kind of thing.


Can you talk about love and how it transcends our worlds?


It seems that when people die and they go to meet their maker, they experience a love so profound, so accepting, that it feels like something they never experienced on Earth, except maybe with a dog. They know, unequivocally, that they are part of something greater and loved for exactly who they are, flaws and all. For people who have died and experienced this with their maker, they want nothing to do with coming back to Earth.


People and souls on both sides of the veil can communicated love the easiest, the love that is shared between people is never lost. Love never dies.


What about this idea of judgment? Is there someone or something making decisions about where the soul will go?


No one judges us on the other side. No judging God, or supernatural penal system. But no one goes to hell as far as I can see. But it does seem like we judge ourselves, sort of self evaluation. Like, how did we handle adversity, did we treat people well, that sort of thing.


The souls seem to have a well trodden path, after the life review, there is a reunion with loved ones and then a rest period. Souls seem to be busy in the Afterlife, it is organized and wonderful from what I have figured out.


Let’s transition to the concept of reincarnation, because that seems to be how it works based on the research of people doing past life regression and people like you who are talking to those on the other side. How did you come to accept that reincarnation is part of what happens when we die?


The perception of past personalities in clients isn’t Cleopatra or Mark Anthony, the past lives I am typically shown are of regular people. I see what looks like ‘layers’ within people’s energy that I realized were specific past lives, and that there was a continuity in these past lives that came through them like a toothpick through a layer cake, if you can imagine that. Often, people were suffering from things that impacted them [from previous lives] and they were resolving them in this lifetime. Often I could see a correlation between their previous physical death and a current birthmark. Isn’t that wild?


What I have learned it that it’s so much better to get that stuff straightened out in your current lifetime; you can do it faster here


It is, because I thought you were going to tell me that souls on the other side were giving you information about past lives.


I can often see it, and it has a real application in the readings. I don’t talk about it much with people in their readings, because it’s something we can’t prove. But if it’s prominent, I will see it, and I can see how it has an impact on this life. For example, I have a client who has a very difficult life and doesn’t seem to be able to hold on to physical possessions in this life. I could perceive that the client (now female) had had a prominent position of power in a past life (then male, possibly a Roman general) and she/he had misused her/his power. Now, in this lifetime, it appears the client is paying off the karma by being unable to hold on to money or power.


Can you tell us more about reincarnation and souls reincarnating as family groups?


That is something that I learned [from Michael Newton, PhD]. And it’s exactly what I see. He calls them pods, but it’s like we have communities or a soul family that we reincarnate with over and over again. We might take turns in different roles; your mother might be your daughter in your next lifetime or your husband from a former incarnation, might be your best friend. There are soul mates for sure — people that we continue to incarnate with in very close relationships. But a soul mate doesn’t have to be a partner. It can be a child or a best friend. A good analogy is that a lifetime on Earth is a movie or a play, and the soul group takes turns acting different characters. That’s the best way I can describe it.


Can you address this for someone who hasn’t considered reincarnation and who experienced a traditional Christian upbringing where you are on this Earth once, then you die and go to heaven and everyone is blissfully living together . . .


Well reincarnation isn’t a necessary philosophy to have in order to believe you are going to Heaven. Christians typically believe when they die that they are going upward to the gates of Eternity to be judged by God who will send them to Heaven or Hell. There are some variations like Seventh-Day Adventists who believe that you when you die, you will lay in your grave until Jesus returns, known as the second coming. Then the soul will be judged and allowed into heaven, or not. Many souls believe they are waiting for to get into heaven. It’s a real travesty and makes for a lot of ghosts.


Of all the different theories, what makes the most sense to me is that there are levels of heaven, like seventh heaven. The more advanced the soul, the closer the soul is to the divine creator. The Bible tells us that God made us in his image, yet we returned the favor and personify God as a human, an old man sitting on a cloud. But physics tells us that the spark of life is in all living things and we are swimming in this intelligent, conscience stuff, that is creation. I like to think we are inside of God, the creation and creator are one.


If the person who is dying is a Christian, best to then have them call for Jesus and have him guide them home to Heaven. They don’t have to believe in reincarnation if they don’t want to, although reincarnation was part of Christianity up until the third century and removed by Constantine at the Council of Nicaea.


Why aren’t we talking about this as a society — the ideas that are common to different religions?


If you look at it like we’re all cousins, it’s a nicer way to look at it. The Torah which is the holy scripture of the Jews, the Old Testament of the Bible and a good part of the Koran are basically the same. Noah, Genesis and of course Jesus. who was a Jewish Rabbi who preached God’s word and does miracles, same in all. The primary difference is that he is the only sun of God to the Christians. Maybe if people understood how close our spiritual traditions are they would be less likely to kill each other of it.



That could be set up in a hospital room.


Absolutely – it’s a place to focus on. Altars are really important. I like having a sacred place somewhere near the person who is dying. If they don’t like the word alter, call it a ‘centerpiece’ or ‘focal point’ ad photos of relatives who have gone before them. A picture of Jesus or deity of choice. And fresh flowers. I have a little cloth that my daughter wove; it has meaning. A candle or battery-powered candle would be brilliant, too.


Another thing I have done and encouraged people to do is set up a symbol or sign that your loved one has made it to the other side, like a hummingbird or a penny. My grandmother’s sign was a butterfly. My grandfather is an owl. It makes it much easier to communicate with your loved one on the other side.


Could we close by talking about how to quell the fear of death?


Well, that's a good question. The superstition of materialism makes creates a scientific mindset, with little room for the unproven theories of spiritual understanding, like eternal life. The western religions have a healthy dose of fear, mostly around Hell or not getting into Heaven. This is a complex question, but maybe read about NDEs, life-between-life hypnosis and/or try hypnosis maybe.


What practical suggestions do you have for people based on your experience?


Consistently what people on the other side want is for their loved ones to know is that they are fine; they are basically doing great. And please don’t grieve for them. Because it’s a waste of time on Earth, and the energy of grief is like a magnet and it hurts them.


Are you talking about an extended period of grief?


Yes. Typically it takes people about a year or so to grieve the loss of a loved one. What I’m talking about is this overwhelming sense of grief [that can last much longer]. Also, negative thoughts and resentments toward someone who has died affects them on the other side — I talk about that in my book. The punch line is, what souls would really like, is for some kind of altar or focal point to send loving thoughts to them, and to keep them close to your heart.


After we die, they do move on, deeper into the Afterlife. But they feel your love and you can call them and they will come; thinking about them and calling them does bring them, which is why I am able to have conversations with them on the other side. But their energy and focus is elsewhere. Those are the main things I’ve learned.


And one last thing for the living: enjoying your life and being joyful is what those on the other side want. They want us to be happy.



Winter Solstice 

winter wonderland.jpg

In my work I see people who are hungry for life's meaning and who are waking up to this ancient wisdom. I am encouraged and hopeful as our culture is also awakening to the deeper truth and spiritual meaning that underlie our physical existence. With knowledge comes power.

Have you ever wondered if there were more to the holidays we celebrate than simply tradition? Did our ancient ancestors preserve a narrative to guide us to live in harmony with spiritual truth and find what empowers us? Could there possibly be power in aligning with celestial forces to manifest and affect matter in this Earthly dimension?

Many of us gather on December 25 to celebrate Christmas, the Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus, “The Light Of The World”, “The Son of God”, “The World's Savior”. It cannot go unnoticed that Jesus’s illustrious birth corresponds to our celestial sun’s illustrious birth on December 25th. On this day, our tilted Earth orbits furthest from our life-giving sun, causing the shortest day and the longest night of the year. 

The sun progresses 1° per day, with Winter and Summer solstices marking the furthest points and the equinoxes marking the middle points. During the three days between December 21st and December 25 the sun is at its darkest ebb, and appears to stand still on the horizon at sunset, solstice has Latin roots, meaning "sun stand”. After those three days of “darkness,” the sun resumes its path, growing larger and larger, up to its apex at Summer solstice.

The Ancient Egyptians perceived the sun as a sentient being and as a resurrecting deity, personified as the hybrid male offspring, comprised of half god and half human. Begot by God’s seed or Holy Spirit, and born to a human virgin mother, the Christian son of God was the savior of humanity who brought the good news of eternal life. This theme of a resurrecting son of God, born to a virgin mother on Dec 25th, is known by many names besides Jesus — here are a few: 


  • Egyptian God-Man Horus, born Winter Solstice of The Virgin Mother Isis.

  • Greco-Roman God-Man Mithras, born Dec 25th of The Virgin Mother Amanita. 

  • Hindu God-Man Krishna, born Dec 25th (and other days) of The Virgin Mother Devaki.

  • Buddhist God-Man Buddha, born Dec 25th (and other days) of The Virgin Mother Maya.

  • Babylonian God-Man Tammuz, born Dec 25th (and other days) of The Virgin Mother Ishtar.

From the vantage point of the early 21st-century, it seems our culture is rich in material things and bankrupt in great wisdom. But things were not always this way — in ancient times, architecture and allegory were teaching tools employed to instill guidance and solace for this earthly sojourn. As Descartes ushered in the Age of Enlightenment in the 1600’s, we replaced the mythical and symbolic mind with the logical and scientific mode of thinking. But did we throw out the baby with the bathwater? 

This question has haunted me since I was young, and is what provoked me to research indigenous and religious traditions and spiritual philosophies around the globe. My investigations took me from the megalithic structures of ancient Egypt, England and Mexico to the myths of the ancient Romans, Meso-Americans and Chinese. My conclusion? The epic struggle between the darkness and light of earthly existence, as well as the inevitability of physical death and the promise of everlasting life, are ubiquitous as central themes.

This annual celebration of the sun’s death and rebirth or resurrection, embodies the theme of our life on Earth. It represents our descent from our “real” home (with “God” in the Spirit World or Afterlife) into 3-D matter and incarnation in the physical world, or Earth, and back again. This important wisdom has been taught through stories and celebrated throughout history during the solstices and equinoxes. In our current paradigm, these guiding principles have all been all but lost. And the cornerstone of wisdom that, we are eternal spiritual beings who are reborn of this world, has been all but eclipsed.

With the generous gift of the return of “The Son/sun of God”, and his nursing rays, Mother Earth would sprout her seeds, her crops grow and people could survive. By understanding the symbols that are hidden in plain sight, we can have access to timeless wisdom to help guide our life, plant our heart’s desire, and have faith and confidence that we are eternal. It is reassuring that the season’s feelings of generosity and the “Spirit of Giving” that was revered by the ancients is still alive and well today. 

For sessions in Portland, please contact New Renaissance Bookshop 503-224-4929 or for a phone session with Jane, contact her here at 

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With her intuitive drawing technique, Jane deForest often draws exact renderings of unseen people, animals and remote places, in an original art piece for clients to keep. For almost 20 years, Jane has worked with personal and business clients all over the world. Jane de Forest has studied with a Lakota Shaman, Buddhist teachers, at Rhode Island School of Design, and has journeyed to sacred sites in Peru, Bali, and Egypt. 

Jane’s pro bono & volunteer work includes; facilitating communication for children with special needs, her “save the bees” project in Ecuador, and Director of Portland, IANDS (International Assoc. Near-Death Studies) Her multiple-award winning book: Love Never Dies-A Psychic Artist Illustrates True Stories Of The Afterlife, is an entertaining first-hand account of people reunited with loved ones and animals in the afterlife.

"Nurturing Intuition in Children" David Wood interviews Jane

“If you want children to continue dreaming to the moon and beyond, then dream with them, both by sharing your fervent dreams, and by diving heart first into their own.”

~Vince Gowmon

As a child, I conversed with imaginary beings, invented entire worlds for my friends and me to explore, and dreamt up countless stories. I was fortunate to have the loving support of my parents and wonderful teachers who encouraged and enjoyed all that was born from my overflowing imagination.

I remember, however, how quickly things began to change as elementary school came to a close. The focus shifted from creative exploration to preparing for the difficulty of higher grades and the “real life” that followed. Less daydreaming, more standardized testing.

Once I’d found myself on the other side of my education years later, I was drawn very quickly to the world of spirituality, perhaps hoping to recapture that magic and fulfillment I’d known as a child. I find it interesting that so much that fascinates us in the spiritual community -- psychic intuition, angels and guides, past life memories -- are such a natural part of the experience of children!

I’m now the father of a bright, 9-month-old son who has already begun showing signs of intuitive intelligence, and I can’t wait for the day he has the words to tell me all that he knows and all he can see.

With the right tools and support, I wonder if all of us could enter adulthood with our intuitive gifts intact. That’s why I’m so grateful New Renaissance’s beloved intuitive Jane de Forest is offering her new class, Nurturing Intuition: A Workshop for Kids and their Parents this Saturday, October 27th. **Children must be accompanied by parent or guardian, and parents and guardians get to attend free!**

It was a joy to connect with Jane and hear her take on the intuition of children, as well as what she has planned for the workshop and her group reading event, Messages From Beyond, which will next be on Friday, October 26th and Thursday, November 1st.

“Jane, my 9-month-old son seems to watch and smile at things my wife and I cannot see. Do all children naturally have strong intuitive, clairvoyant, or spiritual abilities?”

Children are naturally intuitive and psychic by nature; they arrive on earth with an open channel to the subtle dimensions. This window typically closes around age seven, when the world of magic is left behind for a rational and material one. Although, a new type of children with increased psychic abilities and spiritual knowledge is incarnating now who may keep the window open longer.

Past life experiences are commonly expressed by children when they are just able to talk, often describing who they were when they were “big before”, where they lived and how they died.

Although invisible friends are considered fantasy, from my vantage point, they are ancestors, Spirit Guides and Angels.

What are ways we can encourage children's intuition throughout their process of growing up?”

With a little training, parents can nurture their children’s intuitive ability, enabling deep personal and spiritual confidence. Here are some basics:

1. Show that you (and other adults) accept their unseen world.

2. Read fairy tales. These are important for creating a safe place for magical thinking, flying, Angels and aliens, talking animals and trees, fairies and elves. This strengthens the limbic system, the primary seat of creative thought in the brain.

3. Be in dynamic relationship with Spirit Guides, Angels and nature spirits -- build fairy houses, write letters to elves, ask trees what they are thinking, etc.

“Could you tell us more about your Nurturing Intuition Workshop for Kids and their Parents this Saturday afternoon?”

You will learn techniques to use at home to cultivate a platform for your child to maintain their natural intuition and psychic ability, including: a guided meditation for your child to talk to their Guide and draw them; how to attract and communicate with fairies, gnomes and elves; and how to deal with “Boogie Men” and other undesirables, often found under beds and in closets.

This is so dear to my heart. I have volunteered for ten years in public schools teaching children creative development. I feel it is the solution to a world gone mad; to grow a better world we need to start with the children.

“In your Messages From Beyond events, you demonstrate your extrasensory abilities, including mediumship and automatic drawing, for the group. What can people expect at these gatherings, such as the one happening this Friday evening?”

Messages From Beyond is a monthly event where I communicate with loved ones and animals on the other side of life. I create a “drawbridge” with my automatic drawing technique which allows me to access the subtle realms easily and with great accuracy.

On one occasion, a young daughter who had died in an accident came through from Heaven with specific details that I rendered on my drawing pad. She described the care her family had taken at her funeral and the color of the flowers. They confirmed each detail as the girl communicated clearly, and although the family was suffering from her loss, they were comforted to know that she lived on and that their love would never die.

We have had many dogs and cats as well as a horse showing up from the afterlife to comfort their owners. It is a wonderful experience to feel the love in the room filling the space.

Not a session goes by that is not deeply moving and touching to the many people in the room. I am grateful to create a bridge from this world to Heaven; it is a profound honor.

Please bring your imagination, and join Jane for her wonderful events at New Renaissance.



Call 503-224-4929 to register for Jane’s events:

Fall Equinox

This year on September 22nd, night and day are in perfect balance as the Earth makes her annual sojourn around our Sun. Fall Equinox is the time for celebrating with gratitude the abundance of the harvest we have reaped in our lives. 

Our ancient forebears celebrated this important marker with ceremony. They believed that thanking the Earth and all her bounty, honoring the Gods, as well as celebrating this special season, was important. 

From The Great Pyramid in Egypt, to Stonehenge in England, to Chichen Itza in Mexico and Chaco Canyon in the U.S., our ancient ancestors aligned their sublime architecture with the Fall Equinox.

The Autumnal Equinox is the “hour hand” that tells us what time it is in the Great Year. Just as we can tell the hour of the day by noticing how high or low the sun is in the sky, so do we tell time in the 26,000-year precession cycle by noticing the position of the sun on this equinox relative to the twelve ancient constellations of the zodiac.

Our Thanksgiving holiday reflects the Fall Equinox harvest ceremonies of our ancient ancestors in the Northern Hemisphere. But little else about the last quarter of the year is known today, although it was an important time for ancient cultures.

The advent of cold weather causes many in the animal world to hibernate and the plant world to die off. As we descend into this darkness, we symbolically hibernate also and go deeply into ourselves. Our ancient ancestors saw this as a time of symbolic death, when the Earth Goddess or Vegetation God gave up its vital force — dropping the once-living leaves and stems to the ground, or being cut with a scythe for harvest. 

One of the best known mystery schools of the ancient world was at Eleusis in Greece, called the Eleusinian Mystery School. Scholars believe that the mystery schools system for training initiates did not originate in Greece; arguably there were more ancient ones in Egypt, Crete and pre-Columbian indigenous cultures. Not much is known about mystery school ceremonies, because they were protected by an oath of secrecy punishable by death. 

Nevertheless, the few scraps of information we do know are fasinating. Their most important ceremonies were held at the Fall Equinox, which was a potent ritual. The initiates would probably consume some kind of hallucinogenic beverage in the temple and experience a symbolic death. They would then be taken metaphorically to the Underworld, which had nine levels, to experience the negative aspect of existence. Initiates would then be guided to heavenly realms, called the Elysian Fields, where there was unconditional love, acceptance by the Gods and great beauty. This was both an instruction on how to live well in this world and also the promise of what to expect in the afterlife IF the initiate behaved in accordance with divine principles (karma). 

Most all ancient and indigenous cultures understood that we are composed of two aspects while residing on the Earth plane: of spirit and matter, that is to say, the spark of God which animates the earthen clay vessel that is our physical body. These philosophies or religious understandings saw that the light (or our soul) descends into matter to form a physical incarnation that has the express goal of enlightenment. 

This last quarter of the year, starting with Fall Equinox and going ending with Winter Solstice, is the time of year when we can heal, releasing all aspects of our negative earthly existence, such as ego, resentment, hatred, materialism, lust and so forth. Now is the perfect time of year to let go of whatever obstacles are holding you back and blocking your progress to enlightenment and transformation. Take a moment to write those things down on a piece of paper and burn them in a thoughtful ceremony on September 22nd.

Ceremony was a vital aspect of our ancient ancestors’ lives. Most of the megalithic temples were built over electromagnetic anomalies or “lay lines” and natural aquifers. These megalithic structures were built with stone rich with magnetite and crystalline composition, in order to manipulate the natural flow of electro-magnetic current, which created a field that enhanced an altered state of consciousness for initiates. 

Stonehenge, for example, is built over an electro-magnetic anomaly, with stones lined up with the magnetic north facing the magnetic south of the next stone. Ultimately, the structure forms a giant magnet with a measurable field. It’s also interesting to note that NASA records reveal that geomagnetic activity on our planet is most likely to happen around the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, events that would directly greatly impact sacred sites. 

This combination of cutting-edge science and ancient knowledge has contributed to the popular hypothesis that these structures, in combination with sacred ceremony, created a real energetic portal allowing the initiate to travel to the realm of the Gods.  

During my own experience in the Great Pyramid of Giza on the Spring Equinox (it is built over a natural waterway, encased in limestone, its inner chambers is constructed with a granite rich in magnetite and crystals), many of us spent private time in the King’s Chamber taking turns in the rose granite box. And a number of people who did this had powerful visionary experiences or encounters with spirit guides and teachers. 

From my study of the near-death experience, I have come to believe that there may have been an aspect of this “journey to the light” that may have been incorporated into the rituals of our ancient ancestors. The theme of birth-death-rebirth is ubiquitous in all religions and symbolizes not physical death per se but the death of our earthly constraints of ego and materialism and mis-directed life-force energy. This is the symbolic understanding of the annual cycle of the Earth, represented by the primary markers that designate the four quarters: Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox.

In our busy work-a-day world we have a little opportunity to honor with gratitude our life’s abundance and the spiritual journey on this Earth plane that is so important. As initiates in the Mystery School of Life, while we are tasked with enlightenment, we lack the advantage of the organized systems known to our ancient ancestors.

For that reason I have chosen to take the time and effort to create a presentation and ceremony for you, gratis. I will go into detail about my research on the importance of the Fall Equinox and the last quarter of the year this Friday. 

Please join me at New Renaissance Bookshop, 1338 NW 23th Ave, Portland, on the eve of the Equinox for this free event. I offer this as my sincere service to making the Earth a better place. Please bring nonperishable food items that we will donate to our local food bank.