I love the new way of processing things
— Carol Knowles. workshop attendee
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These workshops and classes focus on the terminologies, practical fundamentals of meditation (mindfulness), centering and opening up to your own intuition and creativity. If you are new to these topics, these are a very good place to start your journey. If you live in the Greater Portland/Vancouver area, I hope you will attend a live presentation. I'd love to meet you and work with you in person. Check the list of upcoming events below. If you live elsewhere, you can read about each workshop below and request to sponsor a workshop in your area.

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Loved your workshop. Great hearing you talk Jane, everything resonates very well with me, I have a knowing that what you say is true. I need this practice! Thank you
— C Cameron
Wonderful class, Jane
— M Galfione
So enjoyed this! Thank you ever so much
— M Reinke


I Knew You Were Going to Say That! Basic Sixth Sense Training


We only use 10% of our brain, and science no longer believes the remaining 90% is inert and useless. Many speculate the unused grey matter could be mental superpowers yet to be awakened or untapped potential. Jane will introduce a simple program for you to begin exercising the sixth sense we possess to receive and send information beyond the bounds of “normal” communication. Leave with practical tools and an enhanced ability to interpret the gut feelings, signs, and hunches you already experience. 

Teen & Kids Yoga, Mandala and Mindfulness

There is a growing interest in how mindfulness can help children improve attention, calm down make better decisions. Neuroscience studies show that yoga and contemplative practices can change the physical structure of the brain. These ancient practices are the wave of the future in education and can give kids an advantage in school and sports education while modifying behavioral disabilities and anxiety. Self-mastery and creativity development through yoga, mindfulness and art can help our children to overcome obstacles, envision their dreams and thrive throughout their lives.

Mandala means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit. It represents wholeness, connection, unity, harmony and the cycle of life. Tibetan Buddhist Monks and Native American Indians use mandalasto facilitate meditation and are used in sacred ritual for transformation and healing. Psychologist Carl Jung used mandalas  for his own personal growth and his studies revealed their creation allowed a deep healing to take place from within the human psyche. Jane will lead the group in a guided healing meditation and then create a mandala.

Rich with the color and imagery of an artist, we will focus on letting go of what was, and visioning the next step in your life.  Supplies provided to create your own artistic expression afterwards.

I have taught a unique children’s art, mindfulness and creativity curriculum for nearly ten years. Current Workshops include; Mindfulness Meditation, The Science of Practical Intuition, The Art of Transformation and Journey to the Heart. I've also studied for many years with teachers from a variety of mindfulness and spiritual traditions and have had the privilege to journey to many sacred sites from Peru to Egypt.   —Jane

These workshops and classes focus on the terminologies and practical fundamentals of meditation (mindfulness), centering and opening up to your own intuition and creativity. If you are new to these topics, these are a very good place to start your journey. If you live in the Greater Portland/Vancouver area, I hope you will attend a live presentation. I'd love to meet you and work with you in person. Check the list of upcoming events below. If you live elsewhere, you can read about each workshop below and request to sponsor a workshop in your area. In either experience, I'd love to hear your feedback on these resources. —Jane

Imagination is the engine that fuels creativity, innovation, intention & manifestation. We are all creative beings, whether we express ourselves through art, music, movement, writing, cooking, gardening, raising children ... to name a few. One thing that great musicians, athletes and inventors all know, is that the best place to achieve excellence, peak performance, is in the “zone”. Guided meditation is one way of focusing the mind & aligning the heart with conscious intent. I hope to see you at my workshop and share this excellent adventure with you. 

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Being a creative person is our birthright. If you are in good relationship with your inner artist, the part of you that drew pictures & danced around the living room or sang out loud ... you probably feel happy & fulfilled. If you are well connected to your muse, inspiration, you probably feel enthusiastic and infused with vital life force energy. If not, this may be a helpful workshop as a first step. 

“I don’t write consciously—it is as if the muse sits on my shoulder” and “I slip into a state that is apart from reality.”   - Neil Simon

Kundalini Yoga, Guided Meditation and Art Class 

Please join Jas Pal and Jane de Forest for an introductory class appropriate for all levels: 40 minutes of Kundalini yoga, half hour of “web of life” guided meditation and 20 minutes to make art and document your experience!

The mystics tell us that we are interconnected in one web of existence that includes everything … intelligence, wisdom, love and creation ... it is impossible for you be on the outside looking in. But how do we access this knowledge? Ancient cultures developed a process of doing just that … they taught how to achieve enlightenment through a practice that includes breath, chanting, yoga and visualization. This approach of spiritual transformation, “alchemy of the soul,” dates back millennia to the misty past of the Indus Valley, and is known today as Kundalini Yoga.

By allowing your life force energy, that rests coiled at your spine’s base, to rise through all 8 Chakras, your individual mind merges with the infinite consciousness. This ancient technology tells us the most efficient path to self-mastery and enlightenment, is a practice that strengthens the individual’s character, awareness and consciousness, while incorporating all three planes of existence: mental, physical and spiritual.

Jas Pal has taught Kudalini yoga since 1994 both in the states and abroad, and was a long-time student of Yogi Bhajan, a great teacher of truth, wisdom who brought the ancient art of Kundalini Yoga to Los Angeles in 1969 from the area in India that is now Pakistan. Jas is an advanced teacher who is able to distill this practice into a simple approach that makes it easy for the western mind to understand. His positive and humorous outlook is inspirational and has made him a popular instructor among a broad variety of students.

Jane de Forest has taught her unique intuition, mindfulness and creativity workshop since 2007. She has studied with teachers from a variety of spiritual traditions and has journeyed to many sacred sites from Peru to Egypt.  As a professional artist since 1984 and intuitive and animal communicator since 1996, Jane has inspired business and personal clients all over the world. Her book Heavens Bridge, Heartfelt Communication with Loved Ones and Animals on the Other Side of Life is scheduled out in eBook and hardcover in late fall.

You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle.
— Eckhart Tolle

The Science of Getting Unstuck:  Adventures in Adversity and Living Your Heart’s Desires

Expeditions don’t always go quite according to plan, but the setbacks are what separate the doers from the dreamers. Adventurer and athlete, Mick Bird, knows this all too well.  His sense of humor was sorely challenged when his first and second attempts to row the Pacific both ended prematurely.  Yet Mick’s confrontations with Mother Nature paled in comparison to the battles he waged with his own mind.  Mick will share his entertaining stories (one about sharks!), insights for living your heart’s desire, and the secret of getting unstuck while embarking on your journey. He is joined by local intuitive Jane deForest, who will lead the group in a process of guided meditation, visualization, and art to access the right brain and harness your full power. The participants will leave with practical tools to “get on with it” and live every day. It is almost impossible not to laugh in the company of adventurer and athlete Mick Bird, who has attempted the first solo crossing of the Pacific in a rowboat he built himself. Artist and intuitive Jane de Forest has taught her unique mindfulness, creativity curriculum and children’s art for almost ten years.

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.
— - Chief Seattle

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The Science of Practical Intuition

Intuition is the natural state of all living beings; it is an instinct we all share. 

How do you receive intuitive information? This workshop explores the uniquely individual process that we all go through in determining our own intuitive code—the organized way in which Spirit communicates with us and guides us. This awareness as an integral part of life that can be tapped as an important resource, Participants will leave with a practical guide to cultivating their natural intuitive ability.

Jane will teach techniques, exercises, and insights for living an intuitive, creative & healthy life.

  • Discover the foundations of your intuitive skill

  • Learn to work with (instead of against) your natural intuitive feedback

  • Develop an intuitive rapport with your life

  • Work with imagery, and symbols—the language of the psyche

  • No prior experience is necessary

The Art of Creativity

Journey to your inner core to find your authentic direction and ignite your passionate creativity. Is creativity constructed in the brain, or are we like an antenna accessing wisdom from a creative matrix that we are an integral part of? We are all creative beings, whether we express ourselves through art, music, movement, writing, cooking, gardening, raising children, or any other pursuit. Join Jane for this creative workshop using guided meditation and art. 

Part 1: Get out of your own way

  • Awaken within the creative matrix – connect to the field of unlimited possibilities

  • Identify and release any blocks to living a passionate and creative life

Part 2: Ignite your passion & creativity

  • Connect with your muse—your creative passion Uncover your life’s unique purpose and meaning

Part 3: Intend | Strategize | Transform

  • Focus on a specific project - Grow an idea Anchor success in the future & tether it to NOW

  • Use the art of creative transformation to intend a more positive future

  • No prior experience is necessary

Mindfulness for Kids

During this one-hour class, Miss Jane will lead a guided meditation incorporating relaxation and creativity, after which the children will express their feelings and experience by drawing about it.

Designed for ages 8-13ish, this very fun class will help kids and parents learn the following:

  • Basics of meditation

  • How to calm yourself when you’re not centered

  • How to create a safe space inside of yourself that you can visit anytime

  • How to improve concentration

  • Visualization skills to train your natural creativity

  • No prior experience is necessary

  • Appropriate for all levels.

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Dear Jane, I has a great experience & am grateful for the information received in your workshop. I would like to expand or develop my own intuition, you are very inspirational!
— M Hervey
Lovely talk, very interesting to hear your experience & knowing the things I see and experience are as real as they
feel. Thank you
— K Wagner
Great presentation. You are serving your purpose of helping to open people’s minds to the concept of spirituality.
— A Williams
“This workshop has been very enlightening, especially the idea that we are all capable of communicating with our loved ones in the Afterlife. Also that it is important to expand how we see everything and open our minds further. Your workshop makes me feel peaceful. I look forward to learning more.”
— N Hyde
I feel like I have received a confirmation of direction & purpose, of a sort, from your presentation. Things seem to be opening up, realizations are coming fast. Thank you for a wonderful introduction to your gifts. I am interested in your Australia & Egypt trips. Sincerely
— S Schellman
I loved your book - read it before coming to your talk. Fascinating
— L Crutcher
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