For many of my readers the opportunity to experience an intuitive consultation is a new experience. And I understand that sometimes the thought can be a little outside their comfort zone. But the fact that visitors find my site tells me that they are looking for something. I'd like to help them find it. Please take a moment to read through this section. I've included several quotes from new and returning clients, as well as descriptions of what's involved in a typical session and links to helpful articles from respected journals. If you have any questions, please contact me at your convenience. I'll return a note to you as soon as possible. —Jane

What Is a Personal Intuitive, Spirit Communication or Coaching Session?

An intuitive session is a way to bring insight to the issues that matter most in your life. At the beginning of your appointment, I will say a short prayer to clear my energy so that I can better connect with you on the deepest level. I am a clairvoyant/clairsentient primarily, which means I receive information about you by seeing and sensing it. Interestingly, I will first access your energy by listening to the sound of your voice. I usually begin the intuitive process by drawing what I see in my mind's eye. We will spend the first 10-20 minutes of your session relaying the information that is coming through. I will first share information that I am receiving intuitively, then during the second half of our session you are welcome to ask any questions, guiding the reading to the areas that you would like to focus on.


Intuitive Consultation Session

Special Thanks to Nanci Crepeau for allowing me to provide this excerpt from a recent Intuitive Consultation. Blessings to you, Nanci.

Group Intuitive Session 3 - 9 or more

Readings-in-the-round are available in-person & on Zoom. A great way to have an intuitive experience for an inexpensive price.

Jane has such a gift! I have had a few readings with her and each one was incredibly enlightening and awe inspiring. To be able to connect with a loved one that is no longer here is truly an incredible experience which is difficult to sum up in words. Jane also provided some guidance on certain situations that helped me immensely.
— Judy Lewis, Palo Alto, CA
Things like this are hard to begin. How do you put into words the type of healing that occurs through soul-level knowledge? I would like to consider myself a connoisseur of the spiritual arts, it is my life’s passion. I had an idea of what to expect when I went to my consultation with Jane, but to be honest, I was completely blown out of the water. The experience begins when you walk in, and you are lovingly embraced by the most beautiful of energies. You know, at that moment, this is a place of Peace and Love, and you are at home. Throughout, Jane touched on things that I have never spoken to anybody about. Things that have been hidden deep inside that I was afraid to bring to light. She presents things in a way that is so loving, kind, and understanding, true healing is the only result. She helped me to forgive myself for the things that have happened in my life, and that is truly the best gift anyone could have ever given me. Whenever darkness occurs in our lives we tend to believe it is a reflection of self, deserved.

Jane exudes womanly strength and love, paired with her capacity to see past judgement and only see truth and love, she is an absolutely STUNNING soul. The kind of person you would trust with your life, your kids lives, and your pets lives. She is all of this, with a fun, sassy, Chicago attitude that makes you want to be her friend forever! Jane told me that she believes she gets about 80% of the picture. This is the only thing that I would disagree with her on. She gets 100% of the picture, its frame, and its surroundings. The gifts Jane gave me are the kind that change your entire life for the better. The kinds of things that are hard to explain in words.
— Dani Micenko, Vancouver, WA