Animal Communication

The bonds we feel with our pets are very real.  We have chosen each other in this lifetime. And while our pets can't "talk," they can have much to say, if we ask. I have been lucky enough to have many readings with animals. And, I will tell you, it has changed my life. They know and feel more than most would believe. 

Before a session, it is helpful to have a photo of your pet as well as the name and age.

Bee Communication

Thank you so much for the reading. It came at a time when my best friend Gretchen is coming to the end of her life and she’s not able to tell me how she feels in words (because she’s my dog) and you were able to tell me how she felt about what is happening. You helped me to understand she’s very tired but not in a lot of pain. She’s at peace with moving on but willing to stick around a little longer for me if I need her to. Your reading included specific details about Me, Gretchen and my horse Buddy that were very accurate and insightful and captured our personalities wonderfully. You have an amazing gift and I am so thankful that you choose to share it. It is comforting to know I have someone I can go to when I need some insight into myself or my animals. I am truly grateful to you for making this difficult time a little easier.
— Tina Marshall