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Thank you so much for the reading. It came at a time when my best friend Gretchen is coming to the end of her life and she’s not able to tell me how she feels in words (because she’s my dog) and you were able to tell me how she felt about what is happening. You helped me to understand she’s very tired but not in a lot of pain. She’s at peace with moving on but willing to stick around a little longer for me if I need her to. Your reading included specific details about Me, Gretchen and my horse Buddy that were very accurate and insightful and captured our personalities wonderfully. You have an amazing gift and I am so thankful that you choose to share it. It is comforting to know I have someone I can go to when I need some insight into myself or my animals. I am truly grateful to you for making this difficult time a little easier.
— Tina Marshall

Animal Communication

The bonds we feel with our pets are very real.  We have chosen each other in this lifetime. And while our pets can't "talk," they can have much to say, if we ask. I have been lucky enough to have many readings with animals. And, I will tell you, it has changed my life. They know and feel more than most would believe. 

Before a session, it is helpful to have a photo of your pet as well as the name and age.

Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.
— Yoda

Bee Communication

Bee Queen Rain had a lot to say when we spoke extensively last summer. We met in the back yard of beekeeper and New York Times best selling author, Susan Chernack -- OK, really a back yard “portal”.  It was a symphony of splendor: flowering plants and bubbling fountains, with eight beehives and lots of wildlife (including ducks, dogs and a baby possum). The magic was so thick you could swim in it. Hidden amongst modest suburban houses, her secret energy portal-backyard transports visitors to a multidimensional domain where anything can happen.

Susan had called me, wanting to know if I might be able to talk to her hives: she had questions about her bees. I was excited to attempt the interspecies conversation, but truth be known, I was also a little dubious. Although talking with dogs, cats, and horses was something with which I felt comfortable … I had never spoken to a bee before.

I arrived one sunny May day with pad and paints in hand, ready to talk to Queen Bee "Rain" and her hive "Rain Tree". I approached the beehive and said a prayer, opening my mind and merging with the hive’s consciousness. A conversation began easily, as bees flew around my head. The quality of the intelligence and wisdom of the bees surprised me! They had a powerful presence like Yoda, and wisdom like an old woman; they seemed to possess a very high intelligence that was crisp and insect-y -- they felt loving and sort of familiar.

Jane deForest -

Rain, the bee Queen told me that in fact she was not only an INDIVIDUAL, but she was also a WHOLE, an ENTIRETY: she was both queen and hive! The concept of being both a single unit and individual parts required me to expand my concept of what a “being” is. Yes, I say "being", because I saw the bees as sentient beings. Queen Rain went on to describe how everything is inter-connected, by telepathically sending me the image we call “the flower of life”. The image is a glyph with interconnected circles, which the queen/hive described as symbolizing Creation (no less). I painted it on the picture of her head in the below illustration. ;-)

Queen Rain/Raintree Hive proceeded to show me then that all things have vibration or resonance, with “information” somehow riding on it. The “information” (it has feeling & intelligence too) also fluctuates, depending on the time of the day, on the available sunshine and temperature. This resonance/energy/information/intelligence is also impacted by the thoughts of human beings.

She explained that every living thing possesses this vibration resonance, including planets, stars, flowers, trees etc., as well as colors and smells. This information penetrates the electromagnetic field around people, commonly called the “aura”, as well as into our physical body.

Jane deForest

On my next visit, I brought little alabaster pyramids as an offering to the eight beehives. As I circled them, I placed an alabaster pyramid reverentially before each beehive entrance. My intuition told me that the bees craved altars, because in some way, it was important “energetically”.

Backstory: I had just returned from the world’s “power place”, Egypt, where my daughter and I had seen the Sphinx and sailed the Nile. We had “charged” little alabaster pyramids with pyramid energy in the King’s Chamber in The Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau where we spent several hours.

I proved the King’s Chamber is a seriously powerful place, not only because you can feel it, but because I and my daughter watched with our own eyes as my cell phone charged itself – I’d been disappointed that my phone battery showed only 3% when we arrived in the chamber but was dumbstruck when the phone showed 100% charged only five minutes later!

Here is a video I made of what the bees did when they encountered the little alabaster pyramids outside their hives. When you click the button it will take you to youtube  

This peeked my interest & I began investigating what the ancient Egyptians knew about beekeeping, since they seemed to know quite a bit about monolithic architecture. My research led me to Fulbright Scholar entomologist Gene Kritsky, PhD, whose work indicates that sure enough, Egyptians’ advanced knowledge extended to bees. The ancient Egyptians did something we do not understand even today, viz., a process of “calling” the queen bee out of the hive, or  “piping the queen”.

According to Dr. Kritsky, the ancients created a resonance or sound by (possibly) playing a flute, which enticed the queen to swarm and divided the hive neatly so that the beekeeper could capture it. Having read this, I was beyond intrigued. So I did what any reasonable person would do … I experimented by serenading Queen Rain with my flute and crystal bowl!

So one sunny day I arrived to find Susan in a cloud of 10,000 bees; I pulled out my camera and started to shoot (see video below). Queen Rain and her hive were swarming … a chill went up my spine: she is the one I have been conversing with!

It crossed my mind that maybe being in the midst of 10,000 flying bees wasn’t a particularly safe thing to do -- I mean if I got stung to death, people would certainly question my judgment. But I didn’t care because I felt so happy, euphoric, even a little erotic … it felt like I was part of something powerful, I felt whole, even sort of holy.

Soon the cloud of bees dissipated -- they were leaving! My experienced beekeeper friend became agitated:  if we didn’t collect the swarm, she/they would be lost or worse … she/they would die!

“Get your flute.” Susan tossed her command over her shoulder as she disappeared around the corner. Queen Rain had alighted 40-feet up in a giant cedar tree.

I ran to my car as ordered and retrieved my flute and crystal bowl that I’d left there. I centered, prayed and started to play. I had been serenading the Queen for some time, so I hoped that she would remember me now. I focused my mind, creating a thought-form, and sent it riding on the undulating sound “resonance” like a cowgirl astride a wild stallion! The message/feeling was an image of queen Rain/hive descending the tree mixed with a feeling of safety, within a container (hive).

What happened next was remarkable. Watch the video and see for yourself. When you click the button it will take you to youtube 

Jane & Susan's telepathic communication with this mysterious insect ambassador has yielded some fascinating information. Bees are dying around the planet. Are they trying to get our attention before it’s too late? What message could they have for us? , New York Times Best Selling Author & natural beekeeping expert, Susan Chernak McElroy & Jane de Forest, artist, writer, intuitive coach and animal communicator, have been communicating directly with the bees! The Bee Goddess, Melissae, was sacred to the ancients for her honey and spiritual guidance. She taught unity consciousness: what is good for the hive serves us all; and above all, honor the sacred in all living things.