Vision. Wisdom. Leadership. Action.

The attributes of significant success in business, and in life. Remove any of these, and we will likely fall short of our goals. Underlying and permeating each of these attributes is the deeper concept of discernment. Somehow knowing the right vision, the best directions and decisions that will bring us to our best outcomes and results. But how do we activate and benefit from that discernment? Clearly, it's more than information. Information is readily available. But information and additional choices can just add to the confusion. 

The answer is not "out there" in the sea of options. Discernment is internal. It's inside each of us. Intuition is the doorway that can open us to the right choices and directions that result in astounding vision, wisdom, leadership and action. As with most skills in life, discernment takes practice and a bit of mentoring and guidance. But it's nothing to be afraid of. We ALL have it. And if you are new to this journey of discovery, I would be very pleased to help you find yours.

There are times in life and business where you need an extra edge—information, knowledge and discernment about your business that you might not get anywhere else.  Strategic, competitive, organizational, cultural, and financial insights that can make a difference to your thinking and to your bottom line.  As an intuitive business consultant, I support the executives and decision-makers who are seeking the next step in their evolution and growth. Yes, I provide actionable intuition and insight. But just as importantly, I can guide you to recognize, develop and trust your own intuition. 

There are several levels that I may engage with a company and its staff. Some of the more powerful and immediately impacting areas are listed below. However, the best way to begin is with a simple conversation with the key executive or decision maker. Together we will quickly discover the right approach for each situation. 

Considering new hires:  People are the lifeblood of an organization, and central to its culture. Nothing is more critical than having the right members on the team.

Streamlining day-to-day operations:   Small daily decision add up to significant bottom line results. Positively or negatively. I can help you recognize the most impactful changes to make immediately and over time.

Understanding clients' or customers' issues more clearly:   If only you could read the minds of your clients & customers. Well, now you can, so to speak. I'll tell you what's on their minds and how to best reach them with the messages that matter most to them. 

Increasing sales, profits, and productivity:    What are you missing? Are you leaving money on the table? How can you get to the next level? The answers are available. Let's talk about it.

Understanding the competition:   Their Strengths. Their weaknesses. Their Achilles Heel. Their plans. The more you know about your competition, the less they can compete with you. 

Conflict Resolution:   Internal and external conflict—their are always issues that arise. I'll help you discover organic resolution options you haven't thought of, or confirm the right resolution you have.

Staff Training:   Your Staff will also benefit from learning to recognize and leverage their own intuition and discernment. Through meaningful and fun workshops, I will introduce your Staff attendees to a new journey of growth. 

Reducing stress levels:   The concepts and practices learned through my programs result in a deeper ability to find the meaning and value in each situation encountered in business and life. The net effect is often one of quiet confidence, a longer perspective and reduction of stress.

I understand the above list is impressive and there is much to consider. I would be very happy to speak with you about any of these areas and how they might apply to your business. Again, I believe you will know what is right for you and your business from our conversation. Thank you so much for  your consideration.

International consultation readings are administered with companies via Skype. As with any professional service, consultations are completely confidential.  Translation in Japanese, Chinese and Spanish is available upon request.

My husband and I have consulted with Jane twice for business readings. Both times we were at a crossroads, with difficult decisions to make and the path ahead not clear. Jane’s insight has been right on the mark and helped us look at our business growth and future potential through a wider lens. Her intuition that a certain contractor we were thinking of working with might not be a good fit for us was extremely helpful. I am certain we will consult with her again in the future.
— Donald & Toni, Small Business Owners, New York City

Business Retreats: The Art of Transformation

In my experience, one of the best ways to expand executive consciousness and introduce positive change within a company is through a focused, purposeful business retreat. in The Art of Transformation, we focus on personal fulfillment, personal and business creativity, leadership, judgment, and problem solving—recapturing significant power through making mindful, authentic and responsible choices. These retreats are inspirational—even fun and can renew direction and energy in the work environment. If you would like more information about how a business retreat could apply to your company, please contact me. I would be very happy to explore with you the best way to engage with your team.

I have had business readings with Jane. Her insight and perception of things that were going on were unreal! Thanks to her direction, I was able to strategize in ways that set me up for success. Jane is very insightful.
— A. Silverman, Executive Consultant, Chicago, IL
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the reading you gave me. It has been a few years since that reading and in retrospect, I can honestly say your reading revealed almost exactly the way the situation in question unfolded.

My original inquiry involved questions concerning my new business and the relationship I was forming with another company. Two brothers owned the business who were potentially going to be my business mentors. I never described either one of them to you, yet you nailed their roles and personalities down to a tee. That was astonishing! In your reading you told me that this relationship would be a good working relationship but not very profitable. My primary reasons for the mentor/protégé relationship were joint ventures, experience and a track record. Although the joint projects were never very profitable, I did gain valuable knowledge and contacts that led to very profitable projects eventually growing a successful company winning government contracts (as you had predicted).

How your intuitive reading benefited me was by having that extra bit of information that gave me the foresight to focus on pursuing other profitable contracts on my own, knowing that the real value of this relationship would come in indirect ways. Fabulous! I so appreciate your honesty, sense of humor and your amazing abilities and would recommend you without hesitation. Looking forward to another reading soon.
— B. Washington, Erosion Specialist, Seattle, WA

Intuition in the Workplace

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